About Us


About OIS

A leading Syrian company providing technical solutions, software and special applications to facilitate the work within institutions and large companies (government, private) by automating the procedures and methods of follow-up and activation of electronic payment systems.


Since the establishment of the company, our vision has been to develop electronic services in all fields continuously, to automate the business through the provision of technical solutions and electronic services, so the company will be one of the market shareholders in the development of business to keep abreast of the global developments in the field of automation.

Our Mission

The company has taken upon itself the task of accomplishing specific tasks that support the company in achieving its vision with the efficiency requirement. One of the main tasks of the company is to serve its services in a high ranking locally and globally. The company seeks in its relations with foreign companies and training staff to maintain this classification. The company becomes one of the main of the e-government project. To be a distinctive company in providing electronic payment services.

OUR Object

The company aims to develop at all levels from attracting and developing working team to be able to take responsibility for providing services to as many members of society as possible through: 1. Provide the best possible products and services to fill gaps and develop work to reach the large segment in Syria and all over the world and to the ultimate beneficiary of this technology, to achieve an exceptional form of life development. 2. Providing the greatest benefit to our local and international partners in various service sectors, institutions and NGOs through providing innovative and useful solutions of the highest possible quality. 3. Expand our business and services to reach all regions and the largest number of users. 4. Maintain the status of the company.